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May 14, 2020

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Cadet Ross will now have an opportunity to attend a two month summer university in-residence Flight School at a major academic institution. Purdue University hosted the program last year. The commanding officer of Civil Air Patrol's New Hampshire Wing, Colonel Darin Ninness, praised Ross' selection. "This flight school is a fantastic way for CAP to provide quality private pilot training to our young men and women," said Ninness. "This is a tremendous opportunity for Cadet Ross, and I've very proud of her selection. I'm sure she'll do well and while proudly representing our New Hampshire Wing." Lieutenant John E. Tholl Jr, the commanding officer for Mt. Washington Flight, echoed the sentiments of the Wing Commander. "Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Ross’s selection to the Cadet Wings program well reflects her initiative and interest in aerospace," said Tholl. "As an original member of the Mt Washington flight she's an inspiration for our North Country young people. As our ranking cadet, she helps guide the newer cadets through the basics of CAP membership."

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